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1969Evaluation Study of Land Development under Nagarjuna Sagar Project : Miryalguda Taluka Andhra Pradesh (1964 - 1969)-
1979Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Development Planning : Implications for the Women's QuestionSingh, Nalini
1979Impact on Women Workers : Maharashtra Employment Guarantee Scheme - A Study-
1980Women's Employment as Related to Rural AreasJain, Devaki
1981Gandhian Women's Workshops-
1982Report on a Time Allocation Study - Its Methodological ImplicationsJain, Devaki; Chand, Malini
1982Technical Seminar on Women's Work and Employment - Seminar Papers-
1982Technical Seminar on Women's Work and Employment-
1983Working draft : Women's Employment - Final draftJain, Devaki; Jaishankar, Shobha, P; Law, Preeta
1983Women's Roles in Large Employment SystemsJain, Devaki; Srinivasan, Viji
1983Married Women's Work-
1985Who Cares? : a study of child care facilities for low-income working women in IndiaSwaminathan, Swami
1985Tyranny of the Household : Investigative Essays on Women's WorkJain, Devaki; Banerjee, Nirmala
1985Study on Shandy Women Vendor in Thally Block : Over view of a Rural Haat-
1986Perspectives Based on Women Workers in the Urban Informal Sector of Three Non-Governmental Organizations in IndiaBezboruah, Rekha
1987Status of Women's Employment : Revaluation of Employment Guarantee Scheme, Maharashtra, Its Impact on Women Worker - Vol.1 & 2-
1987Women Migrant Workers from Kerala in Fish Processing Units of Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and Karnataka-
1987Study on Kerala Women Workers in Fish Processing in 3 States of India-
1987Study on Kerala Women Workers in Fish Processing in 3 States of India-
1988Daughters in Industry : Work Skills and Consciousness of Women Workers in AsiaHeyzer, Noeleen [Ed]