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1982Report on a Time Allocation Study - Its Methodological ImplicationsJain, Devaki; Chand, Malini
2004'Negative Choice' sex determination and sex selective abortion in India : Abortion Assessment Project-IndiaMallik, Rupsa
2004Abortion Assessment Project-India : Summary and Key FindingsDuggal, Ravi; Ramachandran, Vimala
2005Quality Research : Abortion Assessment Project-
2007From the Abnormal to the Normal : Preventing Sex Selective Abortion Services in PakistanJaisingh, Indira; Sathyamala, C; Basu, Asmita
2010Assessing abortion-related experiences and needs in four districts of Maharashtra and RajasthanJejeebhoy, Shireen J; Zavier, Francis A.J; Shveta, Kalyanwala
Education Study.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2010Qualitative Studies of Selected Educational Initiatives in South Indian States (Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh) - Revisiting Education For AllPillai, Meera; Ramaswamy, Radha
IT STUDY.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2010Study of IT Programmes for Youth from Low Income Families in BangaloreSudhamani, N; Sharon, Ammel
ERA Study 2010.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2010The Experience in Implementation of the Equal Remuneration Act (ERA), 1976-
Uttarakhand Report - Final -March 2010.pdf.jpg27-Jul-2010Uttarakhand Mahila Parishad (Uttarakhand Women's Federation)Sharma, Divya
Social Protection.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2010Social Protection for Home-Based Women Workers in South Asia : Learning from Action and Research-
Decent Employment.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2010Decent Employment for Women - Learnings and Recommendations from the Pilot ProjectPande, Suchi; Krishnan, Bhuvana
Hill Women.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2010'Beyond Practical Gender Needs - Women in North-Eastern and Hill States'-
NREGA - 1.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2010Women and the NREGA-
Herbal Medicinal Plants_in_HP.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2010HERBAL MEDICINAL PLANTS IN HIMACHAL PRADESH : An Analysis of Income and Employment PotentialNandi, Rajib
UNDP Final Chapters.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2010Ensuring Inclusiveness from the Gender Perspective in the UNDP Country Programme for India (2008-2012)-
Women in Leadership Position.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2010Women in Leadership Positions - A Scoping PaperSudarshan, Ratna M.; Bisht, Medha
Case Studies - Home-Based Workers.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2010'Case Studies of Homebased Workers in Bihar, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh'Bhattacharya, Shrayana; Nandi, Rajib
playground.pdf.jpg29-Jul-2010PLAYGROUND STUDY - The playground: A place full of interactions and diverse expectationsWoehling, Sophie; Sharma, Shubh
Poor children in Rich school.pdf.jpg29-Jul-2010‘Poor’ Children in ‘Rich’ Schools A report on the implementation of 20 per cent freeships to economically marginalized children in recognised private, un-aided schools in East DelhiMallica